Friday, May 16, 2008

Post APs

I am so relieved . APs are done which means that high school is officially retarded - WOO ! A bunch of Mr. C's calc and pre-cal kids went to Great America just for fun , and for the rest of us it's Senior Cut Day ( # 3 ? ) . Well anyway, my dinky math teacher is giving us a quiz today, so like a good Lowell student I'm going to school at 1:oo pm to take it - he should be proud . Also , today is the Dance Concert Kick-Off for all of Ms. J's dance classes ... I think it ends at like 5:30 pm or something .

Man ! I'm kind of sad ... it's scorching hot outside and in a few hours all of us dancers are going to be running around the whole school learning four eight-counts from a previous Dance Company routine which we'll have to scramble to put in the correct order to win the scavenger hunt . Ugh ... I normally would enjoy this activity ( on a normal San Franciscan day - aka foggy / breezy ) but today is just not working for me . I'd so rather participate in Senior Mystery Night ( my friend L really wanted to ) if it wasn't for dance .

Well whatever . As I said , school is officially retarded so now i can finally relax since the only real classes ( real classes meaning classes that have finals ) that I have left are physiology and math . Starting next week my school schedule will be a 4 - 18 with a complete 6-7 lunch thanks to my fave teacher Mr. S who said that class is from now on optional :o) In return , I think I will buy him that apricot-and-something cheese from Trader Joe's that I was telling him about ... ya know , in return for allowing us not to go to class and for letting me devour all of his Keebler Club crackers .

your friend ,


Ragamala said...

I like the music on your site!

I couldn't tell you were Lauren for the longest time!

Yay, new link for Lauren!

jo said...

keeeebler club crackers. haha! im going to spells house to pick out clothes for sean. teehehehe :)