Saturday, May 17, 2008

Surprise !

Okay, so about the end of May I had firmly established that I wasn't going to attend Senior Prom . I know, I know , psycho right ? But , I have my reasons ... People have been telling me that I'm going to regret not going , but I felt otherwise . Lowell supposedly has the " best dances " among San Francisco high schools , yet disappointingly they've only ranged from so-so to mini-BAM .

Let's see ... I don't recall going to the Welcome Back Dance ( did we even have one ? ) , but I did go to Homecoming ( "Big Things Poppin' " ) which was really fun . Senior Boat was thee best - I went stag ( a growing trend ) with a group of friends and we ate together at a Thai restaurant ... I forgot what it was called , but quite a lot of Lowell kids ate there as well . Next up was Winter Ball ( " Baby , It's Cold Outside " ) hah . Interesting story to this one , yet I won't disclose any details yet . Maybe later ... remind me .

Anyway , back to the main topic - I think I am for sure going to prom . My friend D asked me to go with him the other day and i said yes . I think it would be fun to go with him because we're good friends and I know it won't be awkward or anything just because we have the same friends and all that . I am saying this because a particular random date that I had ruined my perspective on formals - if you went with someone random ( who isn't really a close friend , an acquaintance if you will ) the whole night would be completely awkward . Dinner would be awkward , pictures would be awkward , dancing would be awkward - you get what I mean . That is truth .

So today ( and last night ) I went dress shopping but there's hardly anything that catches my eye . It's the most frustrating thing when you have a time limit . It's like it's not even fun shopping around because you know that you just need to get something already . I bought two dresses - I don't even know if one of them is " the one " though . I still want to have another shopping day maybe tomorrow after I watch Washington High School's Dance Concert . D said to let him know what color my dress is by Monday or so ... so I'll have to decide or shop soon ! Either way , my shoes will for sure be gold along with my accessories . Yes , gold goes well with either royal blue or playful green . Yes .

Okay so Option One ( the one on the top ) is not the same dress that I have but it's similar to it ... The straps on my dress do not have rhinestones on them ( disgusting ) but rather simple spaghetti straps . Option Two ( the one on the bottom) is going to be bright green but the same style . Hmm ... I'm kind of leaning towards Option Two . My options so far are pretty similar to each other , chiffon with a sash in the middle , but I think that's what I want . I'm not sure . But a cinched waist would look nice what with my " B&B "

Sigh . Limited time = Limited Options .

Oh ! And the other part of the " Surprise " in today's post ( sorry , I forgot ) is that I plan on going to La Fête D'anniversaire de Mme. P . I am going to bake a heart-shaped cake and maybe cupcakes with the leftover batter . Je suis très excité !


Ragamala said...

I love the first dress!
you'll look shmexy!

Jabs said...

lol, i feel like im reading a gossip girl book.

Ragamala said...

Hey, je suis tres excite means that you're sexually excited. I think you mean agite or anime. I know, I know, Rhea made me like this.

Dennis Ho said...

so i see richel got you to blog too. haha! yeee prom! i like how you refer to everyone in single letters. the new gossip girl!.. sad that i've missed 3 straight weeks =[. Ooo and about your dress, you don't have to rush. Just find something by Thursday. =]

jo said...

just wear saran wrap.

LO said...