Monday, June 9, 2008

Coming to an End ...

First off (nothing to do with this post), I do not understand why in the world my music isn't playing right. All I wanted was to have "Moon River" play automatically on my blog, however, it is malfunctioning! It keeps starting too late in the song which is therefore ruining the whole thing! But more on that later ...

Anyway, sorry I haven't really been blogging lately ... I just haven't had the time to update or anything since my computer has been broken for the past how many months, and my sister recently moved to Sacramento and brought along her laptop that I've been using instead. Anyway ...

So today was Senior Picnic and honestly I thought it was going to be more running around / playing volleyball / going crazy day, but it turned out to be quite relaxing instead (which isn't a bad thing). I spent most of my time lying down on the grass either just chatting or gossiping (heheehe) with friends. I also thought that I would be devouring a whole lot of food while at McNear's Beach, yet I hardly ate anything; I ate a variety of foods, but only bits and pieces of everything ... Ruffles Cheddar Cheese chips, potato salad from Lucky, two pieces of brownies, a can of Canada Dry, a bottle of Arrowhead water, a triangle of watermelon, and only three to four bites of my custom made samich.

The bus ride there wasn't too bad - the people on my bus were fun, but everyone including myself pretty much fell asleep both ways (except for H and T who sat behind me and chatted the whole time). The most interesting person on Bus 1 was M because he is so adorable! Yet he fell asleep too, just like everyone else.

Okay, so one little pet peeve of mine that was revealed today while I was relaxing in the shade and gossiping with my friend E is this: I can't share my water bottle with someone who has been participating in strenuous activity which has left him/her sweaty and out of breath. My friend
Y came over after playing a rigorous game of ultimate frisbee and asked if he could have some of my water and of course my answer was yes, and I didn't really mind ... I mean, I heartY he's such a sweetheart and all but well basically it doesn't matter who drinks from my water bottle but I think it's pretty gross if you share with someone who is all sweaty and all that. I don't know. He wouldn't take the whole thing (I guess because he felt bad), however, I was later able to give the half-full / half-empty water bottle (whichever way you look at it) to someone else who was in need of some refreshment which so happened to be the one and only L (not me, dzuhh).

Well it's over now, I don't really feel like giving every detail of the picnic, but it was fun. Now it's all over and tomorrow is the third seniors-only event - Senior Luncheon / Brunch (which is it?). I don't even feel like going since the food is bad and I want to sleep in (I'm going super early tomorrow since I have no idea where the place is and K is giving me a ride there). Yet I'm going ... only to take pictures with fun people, especially Mr.S, my favorite. Oh mah gah! Mr.S, the adorable one, didn't sign my yearbook yet! I've tried looking for him for the past week, but he was nowhere to be found ... and why didn't he come to the picnic? Oh well ... hopefully he comes tomorrow. Sigh. And then there's grad rehearsal tomorrow at the Cow Palace (I wish it was at Bill Graham Auditorium) which I'm not really looking forward to ... two and a half hours of us just walking and sitting and waiting. Fun. I guess the best part is that I get to sit near M! Woo hoo! That will be the highlight of the whole rehearsal I bet ... heheehe.


Oh, the reason why I'm so frustrated about my music is that
1) It sounds retarded
2) I really want to have an Audrey Hepburn song because I've decided that I want to watch all her movies during my first couple weeks of summer. I lost Breakfast at Tiffany's, sadly, so I can't even watch that again, but do you have any suggestions of other Audrey Hepburn movies? Which are your favorites? Thanks!

Okay five minutes later - I found another snippet of "Moon River" which starts off at the right spot (the actual beginning of the song) but since the snippet is actually from a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's, you hear the typing in the beginning of the scene, so just ignore that :o)

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Ragamala said...

I like charade. and roman holiday. try Sabrina also!